Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Stand Family Topper

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Our Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Family Topper is perfect for around the home, family reunions, or wherever you want to easily display photos, artwork, cards and more. 

It's crafted from solid birch wood and comes in 3 different beautifully stained colors: Weathered Grey, Whitewash, and Rustic Brown.  The stain is semi-transparent and allows the beautiful birch grain to shine through.  We also offer this topper unfinished as well so you can either leave it as is or stain it however you like.  

Please Note: This product is produced from real birch wood with a semi-transparent stain.  There will be variations in grain and shades of colors may display differently on different grains.  This provides a rustic and slightly distressed look.  It also makes each topper unique.  

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