Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Stand Gift/Present Topper - Birthday Party Accessories

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Our Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Gift/Present Topper is perfect for displaying birthday cards.  This topper is designed to fit on top of our Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Stand.  It's the perfect way to display cards, photos of the guest of honor, decorations, party accessories, and more. It makes a perfect compliment when walking into any home, party, event, and more.  You can also use this topper for any other even or occasion that may fit the feel.     

It's hand-crafted from solid birch wood and comes in 3 different beautifully stained colors: Weathered Grey, Whitewash, and Rustic Brown.  The stain is semi-transparent and allows the beautiful birch grain to shine through.  

Please Note: This product is produced from real birch wood with a semi-transparent stain.  There will be variations in grain and shades of colors may display differently on different grains.  This provides a rustic and slightly distressed look.  It also makes each topper unique.  

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