Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree - Wedding Card Holder - Wedding Decoration & Accessory

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* The Bell, Present, and Heart Toppers are already included in the price for this product. Optional specialty toppers can be added for an additional cost.

The Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Stand is a versatile product that can be used over and over again throughout your wedding experience. It's a free standing 6 foot tall stand that can display a large collection of cards, photos, or place cards. From the Bridal Shower to the Wedding, the Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree stand is the perfect addition to your big day.

Use it at the Bridal Shower for seating place cards, or for guests to clip on cards that they have brought as a gift, or to display photos of the happy couple for everyone to be able to see. After the shower is over, display the beautiful Bridal Shower cards in your home.

For the wedding, use it again for seating place cards, as a card tree for wedding gifts, to display photos of the happy couple, or even use it with a photo booth to display the funny photos for everyone to see. After all the planning and hard work, display those cards proudly in your home after the wedding is over. 

It's 100% hand-crafted from solid birch wood, easy to assemble and disassemble, and includes 3 tree hand-crafted toppers: a heart, present/gift, and all new bell topper. Also included are 30 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Clips which come inside a beautiful cotton drawstring bag.


  • 1 Birch Branch Card and Photo Tree Stand crafted from solid birch wood
  • 1 Bell Tree Topper hand-crafted from solid birch wood
  • 1 Present/Gift Tree Topper hand-crafted from solid birch wood
  • 1 Heart Tree Topper hand-crafted from solid birch wood
  • 30 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Clips 
  • 1 Cotton Drawstring Bag to Hold Clips

Dimensions when assembled:

Width: 38 inches

Height: 72 inches

Depth: 9 inches

Weight: 10 lbs

This card stand can hold a large amount of greeting cards, photos, and decorations (front and back).  This design allows you to easily display approximately 25-30 greeting cards all at once depending on size and shape of greeting card or photo. If you display cards or photos back to back it can hold approximately 50-60 cards or photos at once!

Since it comes with three toppers, once the wedding is over you can use to display cards from friends and family. Use it again for a baby shower, kids birthdays, or as a general family photo tree.  One product - so many uses. A great gift for the Bride-to-be that will last a lifetime.  

Perfect For: 

  • Wedding
  • Bridal Showers
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Place Cards
  • General Photoes
  • Holiday Cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Artwork and More!

*Patent Pending

Please Note: This product is produced from real birch wood with a semi-transparent stain.  There will be variations in grain and shades of colors may display differently on different grains.  This provides a rustic and slightly distressed look.  It also makes each tree unique.  The trunk sections can be swiveled and the branches are slightly staggered forward or backward to give a more natural feel. 

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