Introduction of and the Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Stand

The Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Stand is the perfect way to display your cards and photos!

Let me start with how I came up with this product. I've always had fun making things and love being creative and staying busy. Having this type of personality is what made me come up with the idea. Every year my wife and I have always had an issue with where to put our Christmas cards. We would put some on a ledge in our kitchen, or on an end table in our living room. But as soon as someone would open the door a breeze would just knock them all down. As a result, I would tediously have to put them all back up.

Over the last decade or so photo cards have pretty much become the standard for Christmas cards, and finding a place to display them usually meant taping them to ledges, door moldings, or other common places within the house. When that didn’t work, my wife purchased little bells which were used to hold place cards. We used those for a while but they didn’t work well and would blow right down. They would also take up way too much space. By the end of the season standing the cards up every other day was just plain exhausting, and when we needed to take the cards down we would have sticky tape marks everywhere.

This past year I was sick and tired of the cards consuming our house so as we all do I started shopping around online. I searched and searched for a Christmas card holder. I spent a few hours and could not find anything that would hold all our cards neatly and where you were able to still see all the cards since they have photos of our friends and family on them. I found a couple of products that may have worked but you either had to put it on the wall or it wasn't really what I was looking for. I was looking for something easy to put together, that looked nice, and that you could take apart and store. I also had in mind using it for other holidays other than Christmas such as birthdays.

After a few days of Google searching I gave up and decided to just make something myself. I have a little wood shop in my yard so I took to it and just started designing something and soon came up with my first prototype of what is now the Birch Branch Card and Photo Tree Stand. We used it last Christmas and it fit all of our holiday cards on it perfectly!

I had lots of family and friends over and they noticed it and loved it. I can't tell you how many time I heard the words "I want one," "I can use one of those," or "make me one." So, I soon started to consider mass producing and selling it, as I figured many people could use something this practical. I also designed it so that the star topper pops right on top. Then I thought it will be perfect for my kids birthdays so I made a gift topper and then a heart topper for our Anniversary. We now use it as a photo display as well, and even sequenced some family pictures in order to make up a family photo tree. My sister even used it to display her wedding cards.

It stands just about 6 foot tall so you can se e all the pictures perfectly, and is free standing so you can put it anywhere in your home. The branches are also angled upward at a 35 degree angle. The branches are inserted in descending size order (smallest at the top and largest at the bottom) to provide a beautiful overall look and design. I like easy and fast assembly so I focused on three things: easy assembly, functionality, and design. This card stand is very easy to put together and take down. You can put it up within 60 seconds once you know how it goes together. Taking it apart is even quicker!

It comes with a storage box that has a handle on it so you can take it places such a wedding shower, bridal shower, baby shower, or family reunion. It also includes a star topper, gift topper, and heart topper for various occasions. Also included are 30 heavy duty stainless steel clips which come in a beautiful cotton drawstring bag. You can also purchase an extra bag of clips in case you want to use it for a large amount of place card holders or just in case you lose some of them. The tree itself is made of solid birch wood and will last through years of use and all sorts of special occasions. By the way, the fact that it's made from birch wood is where I came up with the site name and brand name. You hang cards or photos from branches made of birch and it's a card tree. I think you get the point. Nevertheless, I want to thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you will love your Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Stand as much as we do!

            The Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Stand – the perfect way to display your holiday.

Birch Branch is home of the Birch Branch Card and Photo Tree Stand. We came up with this idea out of the need to display our large amount of Christmas Cards in an organized and beautiful way. We know many families such as ours take the time to make beautiful holiday cards and have no practical way to display them. This 6 foot tall, free standing card stand allows you to display you entire collection of holiday cards or birthday cards on one convenient stand. It's easy to assemble and disassemble, comes with 30 stainless steel clips, and a portable carrying case / storage case. The stand itself is made of solid birch wood and comes available in three beautifully stained colors: Weathered Grey, Whitewash, and Rustic Brown. Our stained colors provide a beautiful color while allowing the gorgeous grain of the birch wood to come through. It's built to last and can be used all year round. You can put the heart topper on and use it for a photo display and create a photo family tree or use it for you children's artwork. You can also put the gift topper on it and use it for your family's birthdays. It's also perfect for a wedding card holder and can be used for wedding showers, bridal showers, or baby showers. You can even use it as a place card holder for seating arrangements at showers or weddings. When someone enters the special occasion they can grab their assigned seats right off the card stand. It can also serve as a picture holder or picture tree during a special occasion. You will not be disappointed by the quality of this product and we can assure you that it will be one of the most practical items in your home. We also offer a variety of new toppers to correspond to your special event, day, or occasion.