Whether you bought your Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree stand to display your holiday cards, or bought it for your Wedding or Baby Shower, or you don't have one yet this page is a place to share ideas for all the different ways to display. Because the stand comes with three toppers (the star, the heart, and the present), it allows for the product to be versatile and be used for many different events. But, we also like to have fun here - and love to use the product for creative ways to display for all major holidays and important milestones. So, we will share some ideas here about how to use your stand in "out of the box" ways, and we hope to share some of your unique ways to display coming soon.


How to Display Christmas Cards 

Whether you typically receive 5 cards or 50 cards during the holiday season the Birch Branch Card & Photo Stand is the perfect way to display. The stand can hold up to 30 cards on each side, or if you're on the lighter end you can display your cards along with your favorite ornaments that are too heavy to weigh down your Christmas tree branches. Either way to display will look beautiful in your home!





Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas 

 Five ways to use your Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree Stand to decorate for Thanksgiving.



How to display for Halloween 

Get that spooky artwork your children made in school over the years, or display some decorations you just have no spot to hang. The Birch Branch Card & Photo Tree will make the perfect display space for your Halloween holiday.