Halloween is a great time of the year to go all out with decorating, and Halloween artwork is inevitable. Whether you have young kids, or kids who have grown up, or it's your own artwork, if you or anyone in your family likes to save stuff guaranteed there's a wealth of Halloween artwork that has been buried for years. topperh.jpg

Me and my kids had so much fun decorating this year. The older children loved seeing all their artwork over the years, and my youngest was so excited to see all the scary decorations. This year we have a new blank topper so we also had some fun going to the store and picking out some stickers and stencils to customize our topper for Halloween. We decided to go with the stickers, so once Halloween is over we can take the stickers off and create a custom Thanksgiving topper and start decorating for Thanksgiving.

Here's some of the stuff we found at the store to help decorate: 


stickers.jpg lights.jpg