Valentine's Day is one of the quintessential days of the year for giving and receiving cards - but what do you do with them? Wouldn't it be nice if you had a place to display all those beautiful Valentine's Day cards? Ones with notes from loved ones, or home made cards from your children. Well the Birch Branch Card & Photo tree has got you covered.

If you're like me, then you save a lot of your cards, from Valentine's Day to Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays, Christmas, basically any card that has a personal note or anything from your kids. The cards themselves are great, and then how can you throw away cards that have messages inside? So, way one to display for Valentine's Day with your Birch Branch is:


1) Display with old cards 

Before February 14th, you technically don't have any cards to display. So, bring out some old Valentine's cards you have saved from years past. This is actually a really nice thing to do before Valentine's Day, because you can look back through all the messages in your cards which acts like a diary or journal of sorts. Reading notes that you've written for your loved ones, or messages they've written to you. It's a nice reminder of how you felt at a certain time, or a reminder of big events or hurdles you've conquered. 

Valentines Day Hand Print Artwork

 2) Kids artwork

Same idea here. Go back and find all the nice artwork your kids, or maybe you have made throughout the years. Valentine’s Day is a big one in school, so if you save any artwork you may have enough hearts and hand prints to fill up two trees!


3) Jazz it up with some ribbon, decorations, and lights

This is my favorite idea because it really adds some creativity and uniqueness to your tree. It’s a fun activity to do with kids too – go to your local craft store (i.e. Michaels or JOANN Fabrics etc.) and go crazy in the Valentine’s section. They will have so much fun picking out some nice ribbon, decorations, and maybe some pink or red lights. Then when you get home you can spend the day decorating the tree and maybe making some new Valentine’s Day crafts together.



4) Use it for your actual Valentine’s Day Cards

Of course, it’s the perfect solution for displaying all the new cards you get each year. Add some additional heart decorations or some family photos and you’ll have a beautiful display after the holiday. 


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