Do you get a variety of Christmas greeting cards and photo cards from friends and family but run into the same issue every year because you have no good way to display your Christmas cards? 

Searching the internet for Christmas card display ideas can be futile. The Birch Branch Card and Photo Tree Christmas Card Stand offers a great solution for a creative way to display your Christmas cards!

This wooden Christmas tree card holder can hold up to 25-30 cards at once, and if you have more than that you can use both sides to hold up to 50-60 cards at once!

The solid Birch wood material makes the card stand durable and sturdy, and the finishing stain allows the wood grain to show through for a beautiful rustic look. 

So how do you display your Christmas cards this year? Just assembly the tree (which takes less than 5 minutes) and use the metal spring clips to hang up your Christmas greeting cards, photo cards, and photos with Santa. It's that easy! 

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