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Our Birch Branch Card & Photo Stand is a free-standing 6 ft tall stand that can hold and display all your cards, photos, artwork, decorations, and more! 

It's perfect for displaying your entire Christmas or holiday card collection on one stand.  You'll actually be able to see each one instead of them overlapping and covering each other.  It also avoids having to clutter up your home and prevents damage to walls from tape or hardware.  This stand is also extremely easy to put together and take down.  It stores compactly into the included storage box with handle. 

We offer toppers that correspond to any holiday or occasion so you can use your stand all year.  It's also great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, parties, large events, general photo or artwork/craft displays, or whatever you'd like to display.  It serves as a fun and interactive complaint to any home.  It's great for all ages.    

We also offer three different stains: Rustic Brown, Weathered Gray, and Whitewash so you can see that wood grain, and all the components are made from solid birch wood!  Each stand includes: 1 topper, 30 heavy duty stainless steel clips, and a storage box with handle.  It's build to last through years of special occasions. 

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