Thanksgiving Display Ideas

Thanksgiving is the perfect time of the year to spend time with family, and reflect upon the positive aspects of our lives and what we're truly thankful for. It may sound corny (no pun intended), but highlighting and focusing on the good things in life at least once a year can be a rewarding experience. And having a way to display a little Thanksgiving cheer will add to your holiday event. 

So, when Thanksgiving comes around how can you decorate? Here are 5 Thanksgiving decoration ideas using your Birch Branch Card and Photo Tree Stand to display this Thanksgiving:


    what-i-m-thankful-for-game.jpg1) What are you thankful for? Use the stand for a game /activity. When your guests arrive have some papers and markers out for them to write what they're thankful for and clip it up on the tree. This way your holiday guests can read everyone else's notes which will be sure to put a smile on everyone's faces.   
  thanksgiving-handprint-artwork.jpg2) Thanksgiving artwork: Get up in your attic and bring out the kid’s artwork. Why are you saving this stuff if you don't have a way to enjoy it? Sure, you can make your kids a binder full of your favorite artwork of theirs thought the years when they get married or move out, but why not enjoy it now. Even if your kids are older they will still be excited to see their Kindergarten Thanksgiving hand print, or old school work showing what they were thankful for the year they made it. Don’t let those precious memories collect dust anymore.
  turkey-decoration.jpg3) Thanksgiving decorations: Clip up those Thanksgiving decorations that you have nowhere else to put. We’re talking about you Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim that needs to be taped to a wall, or you paper Turkey that has nothing to prop it up. Clip those decorations up for a festive Thanksgiving display.
  fall-photo-shoot.jpg4) Family Photos: Display your family photos for your family gathering. There’s only so much wall and picture frame space in your house, so display your family photos on your stand. Everyone will love seeing themselves displayed in your household.  
  funny-thanksgiving-card.jpg5) Thanksgiving cards: Use the tree for Thanksgiving cards. If you thought Thanksgiving cards were not a thing think again. Thanksgiving cards are great just to send a thoughtful note to friends or a loved one, or to send to family that you live far away from to let them know you’re thinking of them on Thanksgiving. There’s some thoughtful messages in Thanksgiving cards, here are a few favorites:

Thanksgiving is… Hugging and greeting,

Cooking and eating,

Smiling and talking,

Napping and walking,

Coming and going,

Caring and knowing,

The joy of close family

And friends. 1


Whatever brings you happiness,

And helps your heart feel glad,

Whatever makes Thanksgiving Day the best you’ve ever had.

Whatever things you’re hoping for.

Or plans you’re thinking of –

All these are things you’re being wished,

With warmest thoughts and love. 2


Love reaches out across the miles,

And, in a special way,

Reminds us that we’re thought about,

With every passing day.

The distance between us is never too far,

For warm, loving thoughts

To be there where you are. 3


Why did the chicken cross the road?

He saw what happened to the turkey. 4



American Greetings. “Forget Me Not.TM” ©AGG, LLC.